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Urologists who treat patients with HIFU choose HIFU as their treatment option

When I counsel my prostate cancer patients on their treatment options, they often ask me, "Doc, what would you choose if you were in my position?" The vast majority of time, my answer is "HIFU." The only time I might consider another treatment option would be if the cancer had already spread outside the prostate. But if my cancer was still localized (still contained within the prostate), I would choose HIFU. It turns out, I am not alone. Recently, two prominent urologists, Dr. Herb Riemenschnieder from Columbus, Ohio and Dr. Robert Pugach from Los Angeles, have chosen to have HIFU to treat their localized prostate cancer. What better endorsement for a treatment than when a physician chooses a treatment option. See the USA Today article

HIFU News Segment on KATU

KATU in Portland aired a segment on HIFU. See the video here

Government panel reverses its decision on prostate cancer screening.
Screening is now recommended for men 55-69.
See the news article here.

Dr. Myers discusses the increase in younger men being diagnosed with prostate cancer and how HIFU can minimize the side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

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