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Whole Gland, Hemi-gland, and Focal Prostate Ablation

The precision of the Sonablate HIFU system makes it possible to treat the cancerous areas of the prostate while leaving non-cancerous areas unaffected. This can further reduce the potential for negative side effects of prostate cancer treatment.

Whole Gland HIFU
Hemi-Gland HIFU

In patients with tumor in only one side of the prostate, we can perform a hemi-gland HIFU treatment. This can eradicate the cancer while minimizing the trauma to the vital areas. Since we are treating only half of the prostate, we can often treat men with prostate glands larger than 40 cc's. 

In patients with smaller tumors located within only one section of the prostate, we can perform focal therapy and destroy the tumor with a margin of tissue surrounding it. This further minimizes the risk of complications while still effectively destroying the cancer. Focal HIFU can also be used to treat men with prostates larger than 40 grams. 

We now have the option of using prostate MRI images to help target the prostate cancer. We can import prostate MRI images into the HIFU device. These images can be used to target the cancer. This is called Focal MRI Fusion Guided HIFU.

Focal HIFU

In patients with tumor involving both sides of the prostate gland, we perform whole gland HIFU. This is the best method to eradicate the cancer. Patients can choose whole gland HIFU if their prostate size is less than 40 cc's in volume. Prostates larger than 40 - 45 cc's in volume are too large for whole gland therapy. However, patients with prostates larger than 40 grams can undergo a TURP, or Transurethral Resection of the Prostate. This is involves removing tissue from the inside of the prostate through the urethra. This is often done in men who have difficulty urinating to improve their urine flow. While a TURP does not cure prostate cancer, it can be used to remove enough tissue in those men with larger prostates to make HIFU possible. The TURP would also have the added benefit of significantly improving a man's urinary flow.

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