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is now approved by the FDA and available to prostate cancer patients in the Northwest.


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (or HIFU) offers a minimally invasive yet effective means of treating prostate cancer. 


Dr. Stanley Myers and NW HIFU Partners are now offering focal, hemi-gland, and whole-gland HIFU treatment to prostate cancer patients throughout the Northwest.

Sonablate HIFU Device
Advantages of HIFU
The HIFU probe is similar to the ultrasound probes used for trans-rectal prostate biopsies. The probe is placed in the rectum after the patient is under anesthesia. The HIFU ultrasound waves travel harmlessly through tissue until they reach the focal point, where the energy and heat become intense, destroying the tissue in the focal area. This allows the surgeon to accurately destroy cancer while leaving other critical structures intact.
HIFU uses sound waves to heat and destroy tissue, much like a magnify glass focuses light to create heat.
  • Minimally invasive​ / outpatient procedure

  • Rapid recovery

  • No blood loss

  • No incision

  • Radiation-free

  • Precise and accurate destruction of prostate cancer

HIFU for prostate cancer in Oregon.

How HIFU works

Like a magnifying glass focuses the light from the sun, HIFU focuses ultrasound waves. These high intensity sound waves generate enormous heat when they are focused. This heat destroys the cancer without damaging surrounding tissue.

During HIFU for prostate cancer, a tranducer focuses sound waves to heat or ablate tissue in the prostate.

Focused Ultrasound Energy

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